Unveiling the Mural of Life

In my relentless pursuit of freedom, I resolved to shatter the chains that shackled me to societal expectations. It wasn’t because I believed something was inherently wrong with those constraints, but rather to embark on an experiment—a daring venture into the unknown realms of existence.

Today, I find myself in a far-flung corner of the world, laying my eyes upon a breathtaking landscape for the very first time. The vibrant colors of nature greet me, beckoning me to paint the canvas of life according to my own palette of preferences. And it is true, long ago, my existence was confined to a narrow spectrum of hues I had learned to employ. In fact, some of the most captivating shades I held dear were among those strictly forbidden.

As the years wore on, I resigned myself to accept the rules, burdening my heart with a heavy yoke, and diligently splattering my life’s mural with the permissible colors. Over time, the figures and pigments that adorned my artistic composition ceased to align with my innermost desires. Yet, I pondered: who was compelling me to create something that failed to captivate my soul?

The answer, I realized, lay within the recesses of my own being. I was the sole orchestrator of my self-imposed bondage. Thus, I resolved to unlearn everything I had come to believe, to unravel the tapestry of indoctrination that had bound my spirit, and reacquaint myself with the lost art of living. I yearned to unearth my own path, unburdened by the weight of accumulated years.

In this pursuit, I happened upon a revelation—the most exquisite gift the world demanded of me. I discovered literature—an ethereal realm where words danced and ideas bloomed. Through the written word, my life’s mural began to manifest in vividly transformed strokes. I reveled in the kaleidoscope of colors and forms, falling irrevocably in love with life itself.

Of course, this journey was not without its arduous trials. I was confronted with the task of atoning for the years I had lost, endeavoring to make up for lost time with utmost haste. Traditional employment became an inconceivable option; instead, I resolved to subsist on the meager funds I had amassed.

My days were an endless adventure, an odyssey of self-discovery, as I immersed myself in every conceivable realm of creativity. I dared to explore uncharted territories, venturing into unexplored domains of knowledge. Seeking guidance from accomplished masters in diverse artistic domains, I sought to discern the enigmatic ingredients that composed their distinctive brilliance. I beheld their masterpieces—whether chiseled in stone, crafted with nimble hands, or painted with ethereal strokes—tracing the lines and contours that bespoke their ardor for life.

Fortune smiled upon me, for I found myself surrounded by sculptors, artisans, and artists who called my city home. I was granted the privilege of their company, observing their meticulous craft and witnessing their creations taking shape. Their passion became the fuel that ignited the flames of my own creative spirit, propelling me to immerse myself in the boundless depths of writing. Countless hours were spent honing my talent, leaving behind a mere whisper of a memory.

In my quest for artistic fulfillment, I had to vanquish the gnawing fear of destitution, embracing the profound realization that true happiness cannot be encapsulated within the confines of wealth. I discovered a felicity that transcended materialism—an authentic sense of purpose that resonated with the very core of my being. And in fulfilling this calling, I discovered a world that reciprocated my gratitude, bestowing upon me its immeasurable appreciation.

17 thoughts on “Unveiling the Mural of Life

  1. “Thus, I resolved to unlearn everything I had come to believe, to unravel the tapestry of indoctrination that had bound my spirit, and reacquaint myself with the lost art of living. I yearned to unearth my own path, unburdened by the weight of accumulated years”

    I have come to find that in some ways, the more I learn, the less I know.

  2. mmmm what a wonderful peace. love it when people live outside societal expectations it’s liberating. thanks for reminding me am not weird alone lol

  3. Good going, may you continue writing fantastic stories.
    Exposing Truth Strange than Fiction has been the content of my blogs.

  4. Wow Sebastian! Enjoyed reading this one. For me, the timing of your post and my thoughts around the similar topics seem like a calling.

  5. Hi Sebastian,
    Your densely descriptive and beautiful prose really resonates with me, and how I feel about the arts; literature and writing, mainly.
    You have captured the essence of what it feels like when I read and write. For myself writing and plotting stories is definitely a mind expanding and healthy experience.
    We can learn so much – whether it be consciously or subconsciously by reading and digesting other writers works, and those experiences we then channel through our own writing.
    We shed burdensome thoughts and the pressures of life when we write. I think it is a healthy and healing process.
    I hope you are well.
    Kind regards

  6. I love the delicacy of your writing. I admire your free spirit. It takes courage to go off the beaten track and to explore realms we are warned not to. Cheers.

  7. A nice blog, it’s seems how did you start your writing. keep it up.

  8. Do you even write though? Or just get ai to do it and pretend it’s you?

    1. I’ve been doing most of my own writing in the mornings for the past nine years. Although technology is a great tool, it is nothing without the creative genius of mankind.

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