Writing on a Saturday

As I walked to work this morning, I couldn’t help but ponder the concept of memory and how we are all born with a blank slate. It made me realize that we are all simply fulfilling a function during our lifetime and that the concepts of good and evil may not really exist. This idea has sparked my curiosity and I am considering exploring it further in my writing.

As I sat down to work on my novel, Melissa’s story of struggling to escape from a perilous situation while leading an elite squad caught my attention once again. I rooted for Melissa and hoped that she would find safety and use her wit and determination to solve the catastrophic events in the story.

But before I could delve too deeply into my writing, I received a message from my girlfriend and found myself weighing the importance of my work versus spending time with her. In the end, I decided to work on my novel for a bit before heading out to see her.

When I arrived at my girlfriend’s house, I was struck by her beauty and she greeted me with a smile. We had breakfast at a lovely spot, where unfortunately we saw my team lose the soccer match. Despite the defeat, the rest of the day was filled with enjoyable and meaningful activities. We stopped by my friend’s restaurant and I shared some of my writing with him, and we also went to a craft fair to find something special for the holidays.

Throughout the day, I made sure to check the comments on my latest blog post and was pleased to see that my tips were helpful. Writing is my true passion and it’s rewarding to know that others are interested in it as well.

Before heading home for the night, my girlfriend and I took care of some household chores, such as watering the plants at her mother’s house while she is out of town. Before going to bed, I enjoyed a warm cup of hot chocolate and worked on a drawing, which I hope to share with you when it’s finished.

As I reflect on my busy and eventful day, I am grateful for the opportunity to share it with you, my readers. Writing is such a fulfilling pursuit and I am grateful to have your support and encouragement as I continue on this journey.

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  1. Hey my Brother Sabastian. I had such a great time with you today hanging out with you on a Saturday. Love the read. Felt like I was right there with you, enjoying the conversations, taking in the sites and smells and feeling the peaceful energy of your soul as we walked thru your day……your Saturday. Big Hug!!

    1. Dear Mona, thank you for taking the time to read my post and for your kind words. I’m so glad you enjoyed experiencing my day with me, and that my writing was able to transport you into my world. It was a pleasure spending the day with you, and I’m grateful for your company and friendship. Your comment means a lot to me, and I appreciate your support and encouragement on my writing journey.

  2. very enjoyable read thank you for sharing felt as if I was there….Awesome

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Chimere! As a fiction writer, it means the world to me to hear that my writing was able to transport you to the events of my day and make you feel like you were there with me. Your comment has made my day and further inspires me to continue pursuing my passion for writing. Thank you for taking the time to read my post and share your thoughts.

  3. I enjoyed reading your blog… it is a real “slice of life”. But perhaps if while these things happen something sudden happens, something that shocks the reader out of their senses…? Am I being too critical?

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post and sharing your thoughts, Jennifer. As a writer, I appreciate constructive feedback and will definitely take your suggestion into consideration. While I love exploring the everyday moments of life, I understand the value of incorporating unexpected and shocking events to engage readers in a more dynamic way. Thank you again for your input and for your support.

  4. This is such a cool blog post!

    I try to believe in the concept of condemn the sin but forgive the sinner. Though it’s difficult to apply to crimes committed by adults.

    During my family holidaying, I tried to completely disconnect from social media and just tried to live in the moment. It’s initially difficult but also very refreshing, Sebastian. Set a time or place for checking on mails and comments. This time allotment will clear your writer’s mind and lead you further on the path of balance which you’re seeking.

    Lo❤️e to read more posts by you.

    1. Thank you for your kind words and for sharing your experience, Harshi. It’s refreshing to hear your perspective on disconnecting from social media and living in the moment. As a writer, finding balance can be challenging, but I appreciate your suggestion of setting aside specific times for checking emails and comments. It’s important to prioritize self-care and mental clarity in order to continue pursuing my passion for writing. Thank you for your support and encouragement, and I hope to share more of my writing with you in the future.

  5. Happy to see you progressing and living your true calling, it’s the way life was meant to be lived. good tidings 💝

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement, Rochelle! Pursuing my passion for writing has been a journey, but it’s incredibly fulfilling to know that I’m living my true calling. Your support means a lot to me and I’m grateful for the good tidings. Thank you for taking the time to read my post and share your positive energy.

  6. Enjoying the moment and dividing your time with friends or just being by yourself, with a notebook and pen in your bag in case you are spontaneously inspired is healthy.
    I found that leaving my phone device at home or turning it off is helpful.
    I hope to see your novel out there, Sebastian, in 2023.

    1. Thank you for your comment and for sharing your thoughts, Russell. I completely agree with you on the importance of living in the moment and finding balance in one’s daily routine. Leaving my phone device behind or turning it off is definitely helpful in allowing me to disconnect and focus on my writing. Your support means a lot to me and I appreciate your well wishes for my novel. I’m excited to continue on this writing journey and hope to share my work with readers like you in the future. Thank you again for your kind words and encouragement.

  7. Sebastian
    I’m happy you are sharing part of you with us, and even your life. ..
    it’s not easy to be vulnerable, it’s not easy to open up, but the more you do….the more you will connect with people….
    Tall more of you, your thoughts, feelings, your passion, the things that hurt you, the things that torment you, what you love, what you hate….
    People want to feel like they know you….the real Sebastian….

    1. Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. As a fiction writer, I often find myself hiding behind my characters and their stories, but it’s important to remember to share parts of myself with my readers. It’s scary to be vulnerable, but I appreciate your reminder that it can lead to deeper connections with others. I will try my best to share more of myself, my thoughts, and my passions with my readers. Thank you for reading and for your support.

  8. What you wrote resonates with my feelings. Running down from a few hours writing to share the time with my husband and my dog walking a path we often take and finding comfort in just being beside the ones I love after working on my life’s passion

    1. Thank you for sharing your own experience and for letting me know that my writing resonated with you. It’s always fulfilling as a writer to hear that our words can have an impact on others. I completely understand the feeling of finding comfort in the presence of loved ones after working on our passion. It’s important to take those moments to step away from our work and connect with the people (and pets) we love. Thank you for reading and for your thoughtful comment.

  9. Sebastian, your post brought me JOY! What a beautiful day. I love that you were able to choose writing AND your girlfriend, plus experience so many lovely moments throughout your day. You definitely know how to make the most of this gift of life that we have been given.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and for sharing in my joy. It means a lot to me to know that my post was able to bring some happiness to your day. I feel incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to pursue my passion for writing while also enjoying the company of loved ones and experiencing the beauty of life. It’s important to me to make the most of every moment we have been given, and I’m grateful to have readers like you to share these moments with. Thank you for reading and for your support.

  10. Thank you for sharing your thoughts from a beautiful Saturday. I appreciate your passion for writing, and all your posts are imbued with your authencity, creativity, love and hope. Wish you and your loved ones a beautiful Christmas:)

    1. Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful comment. I’m so glad to hear that my passion for writing shines through in my posts, and that they convey a sense of authenticity, creativity, love, and hope. It’s always been important to me to write from the heart and to share pieces of myself with my readers. Your well wishes for a beautiful Christmas mean a lot to me, and I extend those wishes back to you and your loved ones. Thank you for taking the time to read my posts and for your support.

  11. We are most definitely “not” born with a clean slate. There’s no telling what accompanied us in our carry on bag when we slid down the shoot. All assessments of good and bad are completely arbitrary and learned, perhaps some tendencies even inherited. It’s part of the inherent conditioning process that has created our shared human consciousness. True “goodness” is not the opposite of bad and has no relationship to it. Goodness flowers out of clarity and right action which offers no choice. Bendiciones a todo!

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the concept of a blank slate and the arbitrary nature of good and bad. It’s true that there may be certain tendencies or conditioning that we carry with us from birth, and that our perception of good and bad is shaped by our experiences and culture. I also appreciate your insight on true goodness being rooted in clarity and right action. It’s important to strive towards that clarity and to act in a way that aligns with our values, regardless of external influences. Thank you for your comment and for sharing your perspective.

  12. Hello Sebastian!

    Today is Sunday and reading your experience on a Saturday truly inspired me to be more present in the moment every day of the week! The visual I received were thought bubbles of gratitude toward everyone and everything! Sincerely Grateful!

    1. Thank you for your kind comment, Guadalupe! I’m glad to hear that my post inspired you to be more present and grateful in your own life. It’s easy to get caught up in our busy lives and forget to appreciate the little things, but taking a moment to acknowledge the good in our lives can make a big difference. I hope you have a wonderful day and continue to cultivate gratitude in your daily life. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts!

  13. That you could even write this after your busy day was very thoughtful and generous on your part, although my pulling time out of my own busy, timer-limited schedule, is also an exercise in caring and compassion for another who wants to be heard. I would be interested in reading your novel since, as a fiction writer myself, I can really get into a story. You are very fortunate that your girlfriend was there for you to allow you to choose your writing over her before coming to her. That’s a tricky equation all artists must deal with. Devi from “Never Have I Ever” a Netflix television series bombed when she chose helping out the boy of her dreams (fantasies) over her two best friends who already had been pissed at her when they discovered her telling her she had sex with _________ (Damn, old age memory loss strikes again) was a lie. But teens, huh? They’re stupider and much less patient but they’re also pure at heart and very passionate about life. Gotta go, wanted to say more…….

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comment, Marc. It’s always great to connect with other fiction writers and share our experiences. I’m glad that my post resonated with you and I appreciate your interest in my novel. The balance between writing and personal relationships can be a difficult one, but I’m fortunate to have a supportive partner who understands my passion. And you’re right, teens can be passionate about life in a way that is both admirable and sometimes frustrating. Thank you again for taking the time to read and comment on my post.

  14. i have been trying to return to writing and posting, but a new physical impediment now stands in my way. I wish I could afford to hire an assistant, and learn to dictate my ideas instead of typing them out. You are receiving here the limit of what I can do before pain escalates. Any ideas how to proceed?

    1. There’s voice recognition built into many devices nowadays, all smart phones, and if you have a mic with your headphones, on your PC / laptop too. Just look it up for Microsoft Word or whatever software you would use to type.
      Best regards!

    2. I’m sorry to hear about your physical impediment, Niki. Writing is such an important outlet for our ideas and emotions, and it must be frustrating to have a barrier in your way. As for your question, have you considered using speech recognition software? It could help you dictate your ideas without the need for typing. I wish you all the best in finding a solution that works for you. Don’t give up on your writing–your voice deserves to be heard.

  15. Simplicity is a theme this Christmas and I love that you embody this in your post. Sometimes it really is those simple, special times that are the most inspiring.

    1. Thank you, Laura! I agree, simplicity is often overlooked in our busy lives, but it can bring so much joy and inspiration. It’s important to take the time to appreciate the small moments and find beauty in them. Wishing you a late joyful and peaceful holiday season.

  16. And the point is…? On the science side, we are extensions of evolving life, born with a load of intelligence and soul. Anything short of that cannot be reality. Dwell into science and see how some concepts are once more proven. Con cariño!

    1. Thank you for your comment, Rafael. While I agree that science plays a crucial role in understanding our existence, I also believe that there are aspects of our human experience that can’t be explained through scientific analysis alone. Exploring ideas beyond the empirical can lead to a greater understanding of ourselves and the world around us. Ultimately, I believe that both science and philosophy can work together to give us a more complete understanding of our reality.

  17. Thank you for sharing this day with us. It’s good to see other people with a passion for both writing and life. They sometimes ashbut you seem to have the balance right. In the New Year, I begin a life as a full time writer whike my girlfriend runs our new business teaching writing skills to new writers. Good luck with the novel and keep balancing!

    1. Thank you, Brian! I wish you all the best with your new life as a full-time writer and your girlfriend’s business. It’s definitely a balancing act, but I believe that when we find the right balance between our passions and other aspects of our lives, it can be incredibly rewarding. I hope you continue to pursue your writing with joy and determination. Good luck to you both!

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